Finishing Your Cabin

Colourbond Roofing Colours

Here at Timber Cabins, we only use top quality roofing materials made from Colorbond Steel, brought to you by Lysaught (Bluescope Steel)
Please see below for avaible colours or an electronic copy of the brochure


Painting Your Timber Cabin

Cabin Kits must be Sealed or Painted. Your brand new Timber Cabin kit will need to be painted with a good quality undercoat and two coats of good quality paint or have 2 coats of a good quality sealer such as an “intergrain” product which can be purchased from any Bunnings or decent hardware or paint store.

Some oils and wood penetration preserves like “Cutek” are good for decks, but not good for the timber in the cabin walls as they do not create a good protection barrier against the elements.

It is also a good idea to use a joint filler like (Selly’s No More Gaps” or “Caulk in Colours” to seal any tiny gaps. We personally like to use a gap filler in all of the corners even though we know our water tight challet corners work very well. The gap filler in the corners will stop small spiders nesting in the tiny spaces and will make you cabin look even more amazing once painted.

For your warranty to be valid you must properly paint or seal the Cabin kit within 3 months of construction.

Off The Grid Power

Imagine no more electricity bills. These days there are many different options for solar power. Everyone has different power consumption needs depending on where you live and how much power you will need to use.

The Europeans have been living like this for years; tiny houses and sustainable living are the way of the future. The rest of the world has joined the tiny house movement and down sized the average home and adopted this type of construction.

Now Australia is really catching on to a new wave of an eco-friendly energy saving way of life. As with all of our cabins, compact housing comes down to a good layout, storage and an efficient usage of space. Ask us about how best to fit out a Cabin Life cabin.

Eco Cabins : Set your cabin up to live of the grid. Your Cabin can be set up with a small 12 volt solar system starting from around $1,000. This will be enough to run a small fridge, Fresh water Tank pump and your LED lights. We suggest a small continuous flow gas hot water system for hot water and gas for a cooker. Use a colourbond roof for water collection and install a compost toilet and the Eco Cabin can be set up just about anywhere. (Yes they make TV’s that run on 12 volts).

For more information about “off the grid” solar power click here “The Rainbow Power Company”

Rain Tank Connection

Tank Water is amazingly alot sweeter than town tap water and due to the versatility of our Cabins there is a huge variety of options to choose from when it comes to installing a rain water tank. Another great thing about having the Granny Flat built on stumps is that the tank pump can sit underneath the Cabin and to keep it out of the weather.

Fresh water tanks can be placed under the Cabin or a slim line tank can be placed to the side of the Cabin. We always use colour bond roofing for Cabins with Tanks to ensure water clarity.

In the photos below you can see a standard slim line tank set up. These slimline tanks are made from plastic and cost around $800 for a 2000 litre tank from Bunnings, or $900 for a 3000 litre tank plus delivery.

Plumbing instalation including gutters and downpipes would need to be added to the project budget. For the larger builds with toliets and laundry’s inside the granny flat, council may require the tanks to be installed and your toliet and laundry be fitted with grey water using the tank water.